Road Test Package

Are you using your vehicle for your road test? Make sure that you and your vehicle are ready for your Road Test by checking the Road Test Information and Requirements. Each of the Road Test Packages include the use of our vehicle for your Road Test.

G1 Road Test

After at 12 months (8 months for persons who have successfully completed an approved Defensive Driving Course), you can take the G1 Road Test. The purpose of the road test is to verify your ability to safely drive a car. When you pass your G1 Road Test, you are issued a G2 License.

G2 Road Test

The G2 Road Test includes a component of expressway driving. Prior to the G2 Road Test, you must complete a “Declaration of Highway Driving Experience” to ensure you have sufficient expressway driving experience to proceed with the road test.

To proceed with the Road Test, you must “declare” by signing a form, how many times in the 3 months before the road test that you have driven on a 400 series highway and/or a highway with a speed limit of at least 80 km/h. You are required to indicate what was the average length of these trips (i.e. under 5 km, between 5 – 15 km or over 15 km).